Dance Studio Policies


The Studio will be closed ONLY for the following Holidays

Thanksgiving Nov. 21 - Dec. 2nd

Christmas Break Dec. 19th- Jan 1st

Spring Break April 15th- 23rd


Cancellations due to Snow or Weather will be announced via the Website or Facebook

We will not necessarily be closed if schools are closed

Classes will only be made up if there are more than 2 cancellations


Good attendance is imperative, as absences and tardiness can hold back the student and the entire class. If your child is going to miss a class, please call the studio and leave a message so the instructor can be informed.



NO cellphones or gum is permitted in the dance rooms.

NO food or drinks are allowed in the dance rooms, ONLY water.

Students that are disruptive in class will NOT be allowed to participate, and will be escorted to the waiting room.

Students, other than those registered, are not permitted in classes unless instructed by the teacher.

Children not registered are NOT to be left unattended. We are not responsible for children other than our registered students.

Please clean up after yourself.



Parent Viewing is at the teachers discretion.  


Hair must be pulled back away from the face (bun, pony tail, etc.).


Dance wear is required for all dance classes for visibility, safety, and comfort. Students who are not dressed appropriately (jeans, baggy clothing, play clothes, etc.) will not be allowed to participate in class. All dancers should wear either a leotard and tights, dance shorts, sports bra, or dance tank top. Warm–up attire must be removed before entering the classroom.



Our annual dance recital is held each June. Students that are enrolled in the September- May session participate. These dates will be announced as soon as we have confirmation from the venue.